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A1 Window, Glass & Screen Repair has a proven track record of providing the best material, the most competitive pricing, and the knowledge and design expertise to do the job right the first time. Whether your windows are allowing moisture in or your glass is cracked, A1 Window, Glass & Screen Repair is prepared to fix it for you. All too often, homeowners struggle with old windows because the cost to replace them is simply too great. The good news is, that there are plenty of window issues that have a workaround. For example, a crack in your window’s glass doesn’t necessarily mean the entire window needs replacement. Instead, you might have the opportunity to replace that glass with a newer, more durable window pane. In these cases, you can keep the existing window frame and save money, assuming it’s still in good enough shape.

Here in DuPage, Kane, Kendall, and Will County, most homeowners don’t have the luxury of doing without some form of repair once their glass is damaged. After all, we live in an area of the state where we require wind protection and weather insulation. Storm windows also do wonders to normalize the temperature inside. Glass repair isn’t as out of reach as you might imagine. While it’s true your average home’s windows should be replaced every 15 to 20 years, window glass often breaks much sooner and needs to be repaired in the meantime. In these cases, rest assured, A1 Window, Glass & Screen Repair is much less expensive than a full replacement window.

Slider windows can be removed by lifting up on the sash to remove it from the track. Then, A1’s specialist simply pulls it out from the bottom. Double-hung windows have vinyl jamb liners at each side to hold it in place. For these, we’re able to press in on the liners, then pull out the top part of the sash. Modern casement windows contain window release catches built into the hinges.

Don’t forgo the services of a professional because you’re convinced it will be too expensive. There are often affordable alternatives to replacement. Your glass can be repaired! A1 Window, Glass & Screen Repair can cut glass to the exact measurements of your damaged window.

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