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All too often, homeowners struggle with old windows because the cost to replace them is simply too great. At A1 Window, Glass & Screen Repair, we like to remind customers of the good news. The truth is, there are plenty of window issues that have a workaround. For example, a crack in your window’s glass doesn’t necessarily mean the entire window needs replacement. Instead, there might be the opportunity to replace that glass with a newer, more durable window pane. In these cases, you can keep the existing window frame and save money, assuming it’s still in good enough shape. Your total cost will depend on what’s broken and the window type. A1 Window, Glass & Screen Repair itemizes the costs, whether we’re dealing with a stress crack, broken glass, torn screen, or sourcing custom glass panes or difficult-to-find hardware. Of course, size, shape, and design of your windows factor in as well. Whatever, the case you can rest assured, A1 Window, Glass & Screen Repair is an advocate for customers and homeowners, offering the most affordable solutions.

The same can be said for your screen door and your window’s screens. For example, torn screens can usually be rescreened with new screen mesh.

At A1 Window Repair, we proudly earn our name, as our specialists will affordably repair your glass or screen. Perhaps your windows are just fogging over. A foggy appearance to your windows means they’re not properly insulating your home, which can drive up your energy costs. In most cases, our specialists replace the damaged windowpanes, saving you the cost of installing an entirely new window.

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